Pretty Petites

Fine and delicate. Sterling silver with natural gemstones. Our low cost entry range.
Created for those who love style, but have a set budget.
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Beautiful Basics

Sterling silver jewellery to be worn at every occasion. Not too big and not too small. Affordable jewellery, created for those who like to wear beautiful natural gemstones every day.
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The Classic Collection

Our signature collection of unique handmade jewellery. With high quality handpicked gemstones. Clean European styles that let the stones take centre stage.
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Stylish Symbolics

Symbolic, New Age, and healing jewellery with a fresh attitude. Focussed on quality gemstones.
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Rough & Rare

Gemstones in their natural state. Powerful, rare and sought after. Our range is beautifully finished in sterling silver.
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Golden Treasures

Luscious and feminine designs in sterling silver with high quality gold plating.
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