Preyas was born in Holland and has lived and travelled throughout the world. She now makes her home in the hills of Byron Bay, Australia where she has lived since 1991.
Over 18 years ago, Preyas started her business making and selling beaded gemstone necklaces and earrings. She naturally expanded into silver gemstone jewellery.

15 years ago Kiran, her husband came into her life. Together they have grown the business year after year, with love and dedication. Preyas European designing style and Kiran’s engineering background has proven to be a blessed and successful combination.

Today Preyas Jewellery sells to more than 150 shops Australia wide, has an agent in Melbourne and exports to New Zealand. With “Beauty & Quality” as their motto, Preyas Jewellery offers world class sterling silver gem stone jewellery.

A fusion of different worlds and cultures. From Australia, Preyas brings Opals and rare gems and minerals, found at gem shows. On their travels to Rajasthan in India, they find and carefully select gemstones from all over the world. Specially cut to order by craftsman that have centuries of experience.

For the silver manufacturing, Preyas Jewellery has worked with the same trusted jewellers in India for 12 years. The team is highly skilled and specially instructed with Preyas’ designs. Add Kiran’s strict quality control and the outcome speaks for itself.